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Innovate IT Supply, Support and Maintenance spans across South Africa

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Adding value through ICT since 2006

“Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people”

Why Innovate IT

Serving customers across South Africa & abroad with both Helpdesk (Remote) and on the ground IT support teams

Since 2006

Innovate IT embarked on a journey that would not compromise on the quality of Computer Networking Hardware/Software, maintain a level of Support for our clients that truly added value and had a measurable effect on business growth. A Journey that is vast, but realistic and achievable through hard work, dedication and commitment. From the quality of our team, healthy partnerships and a uncompromising brand loyalty. Truly making a difference to the small and medium businesses as an IT MSP (Managed Service Provider).

In pursuit of our Vision

We want to be the only IT company able to provide IT Services, management thereof and maintenance, at the highest level of quality and delivery, BUT at the lowest cost to market. At the core we are all about Christian values, relationship, our team, our supply chain and most importantly you the client. With Innovate IT as your MSP Partner, the Custodian of your ICT infrastructure, we will show you how our support, supply and maintenance will add measurable growth to your Organization. Take the Journey with us!

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Client Account Managers (CAM)

The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs ... one step at a time. ~J Girard

The Client Journey

Our Success, Your Success, One Step at a Time...

You Are Here

Who are you? 
We believe the reason you are reading this brochure about Innovate IT, is that you, no matter who you are in your organization, WANTS better, better price, better quality, ultimately, better value from your Information Technology.

Innovate IT pursues BETTER in ICT
Every organization needs managed IT services, whether you receiving it already, have in-house IT or simply pay as you go, your organization’s vision and mission will not be realized without a sound IT strategy.

An IT strategy which allows you to spend less and get more out of your IT.

So, who are you?
You, are our number 1 priority.
Your IT, is OUR greatest investment, follow me on this road map and I will tell you how and why this is very true for us.

Meet Innovate IT

We are the ICT Managed Services Provider (MSP ) you need to achieve measurable value from your ICT technology.

Innovate IT will supply, support, maintain and manage all ICT aspects of your Organizations portfolio, from cable to cloud.

Our long-standing clients have enjoyed our value proposition for more than 20 years.

What is better Value?

It is impossible to achieve your company's Vision and Mission, without factoring in the contribution or impact IT will have. Next to your Staff and Team, IT is your 2nd biggest asset.

Better value starts by knowing what you have in IT, what IT does for your organization daily, monthly and ultimately, what IT can do for you on route to your company’s vision.

At Innovate IT, we use the tools and team to do this for you, it’s called:

Innovate IT SCG – Systems Cardio Gram, together with a full audit (EAD), we get to know your IT infrastructure and MOST importantly what it needs to do for your company!

SCG not only enables us to achieve the quality of support required, but affords us full visibility of all hardware & software infrastructure with End Point Security (Anti Virus)

How do we do better?

Innovate IT has been operating for more than 20 years, serving clients across SA attentively using Industry Best Practice & Best of Breed.

This is how we do IT:

1st We Audit your ICT infrastructure

An ICT document is presented, showing all technologies seen in the audit with recommendations & price

A SLA (Service Level Agreement ) is proposed

To pave the way for cloud computing, we reduce your monthly costs on support and maintenance. Ultimately, reducing your capital expenses and revealing the efficiencies cloud computing brings to your organization and staff productivity.

STOP being Re-Active

The market illusion is still that re-active support and maintenance saves money , this is patently false. Main reason for this is the market does not monetise, lack of productivity or loss thereof, we at Innovate IT understand these 2 key business contributors.

It is why we rely so heavily on our SCG system, to monitor , report and guide your organization. Hardware and software supply cannot achieve the stated objectives without it.

You must get here!

This is the point where change is inevitable, you and your organization will know how to measure the value from your ICT technology, what is required to increase the value and what your return on investment will be.

This is our Wash Rinse Repeat.

FB, LinkedIn - clicks and screens

Project planning on ICT – phased approaches / budget related

Capex VS Opex exercises – ATMV - ISO standard on ICT

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